About Ice Cream

Ice Cream! That deliciously decadent frozen treat that comforts the soul…sometimes by the bucket load! It brings family and friends together and never fails to put a smile on our faces.vanilla Ice cream in maker

Who Invented Ice Cream?

The origins of ice cream are a bit of a mystery and are as varied as the days in a week.

Many believe it started with the Romans. Some think the idea was first tried in Asia. Either place, it is widely believed that it started with snow or ice from mountain tops that they poured fruit juice or honey over, making an early sorbet.

In 2012 the Carpigiani Gelato Museum opened in Italy, tracing the origins of this ‘sorbet’ back to Mesopotamia with snow used to cool drinks.

16th century Italian stage designer and architect, Bernardo Buontalenti, is believed to be the one who introduced an egg cream gelato. Some say he invented the gelato but I have my own take on this based on the man’s background…

I say ‘introduced’ because I’d guess that when he was commissioned by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo I de’Medici to orchestrate a grand banquet (a la theatrical design), he inquired of friends who were culinary masters for a new and exciting flavor.

This man was a military engineer, an architect, theatrical designer and an artist. He designed cannons and grenades, villas and statuaries. Nowhere does it state that he was a culinary genius yet he must have travelled in many interesting circles. No doubt, there was someone he knew with great culinary skills who could give him a new dish…a recipe that was either concocted for this request or relatively unknown.

But this is merely my impression of what may have occurred based on nothing more than my understanding of human nature. We will never know for sure. Ask yourself, what would you have done if you were him?

Ice cream, by any other name, still tastes as sweet. The latin term “glacies cremor” means “gelato” in italian, and “ice cream” in english.


Ice Cream As An Ingredient

Besides eating it from a cone or bowl, another great thing about ice cream is all of the wonderful things you can do with it in desserts and treats! What you can do with ice cream is as unlimited as your imagination!

  • Ice cream cakes and cupcakes where the filling is ice cream and cake surrounds it.
  • Ice cream sandwiches with a creamy layer of ice cream placed between two baked cookie-style layers.
  • Ice cream bombs with ice cream balls dipped in chocolate.
  • Banana splits
  • Ice cream shakes and floats
  • Ice cream sundaes

and the list goes on.

Ready To Make Ice Cream?

If you haven’t made your own ice cream before, you’ll find a list of the basic ingredients here. Each recipe has a list of ingredients you’ll need to make that dish as well.

Typical kitchen utensils will be needed. You can find a list of the utensils you’ll use here.

If you already have your ingredients you can try one of my ice cream recipes here.