Equipment For Making and Serving Ice Cream At Home

Ice Cream Makers

There are several ice cream makers available today. People who make their own ice cream usually have a certain machine they swear by. What are the differences and which is right for you?

Bucket churn-style ice and salt makers come in either electric or hand-crank versions. Okay, now who would buy a hand-crank today? Anyone making it where electricity isn’t available. I personally love the electric style and that’s what I use but it does require salt and ice…additional items.

The gel-filled bowl style has become very popular too. This maker comes with a double-sided bowl which is filled with a special gel that aids in the freezing process. You don’t need ice or salt but you must completely freeze the bowl before use.

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Serving Items

For serving ice cream, the sky’s the limit. There is a huge variety of scoops, molds, dishes, bowls, plates, cookie cups…anything you can think of. Get-togethers are a great time to show off your culinary skills with hollowed halves of fruit like oranges, lemons, pineapples or melons filled with ice cream suited for the fruit. When it comes to serving up your delicious treats, imagination has no limits.

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