Parts of an Ice Cream Scoop

Parts of an Ice Cream Scoop

With are several parts of an ice cream scoop that are shown here. Understanding some of these parts will help you find the size of your scoop or replace parts that have worn or broken.

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This is an old Gilchrist Ice Cream Scoop. As you can see in the picture, the name and model number, 31, are stamped on the lever. The model number is separate from the size number. Many companies used the same model while giving the bowls different sizes.

The trunnion is attached to the end of the scraper. It comes out of the small hole in the end of the bowl. The scraper is extremely flexible and the metal is thin so that it wipes right along the inside of the bowl.

The size of the ice cream scoop refers to the size of the bowl. This can be found stamped in the center of the scraper.

The spring clip holds the rod to the shank. This is a single piece of metal that literally clips around the top of the rod with a curved end that clips around the top of the shank…it’s the little tongue piece you see peeking out under the shank.

The lever moves back and forth which turns the cog and moves the wiper across the inside wall of the bowl, separating the ice cream from the bowl.


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