Saving Egg Whites

Saving Egg Whites For Later Use

saving egg whites
These small containers hold one egg white each.

Making ice cream with just the yolks sure gives you a lot of egg whites for other recipes. The problem is, you usually don’t have a need for them immediately. Saving egg whites for use later, in measurable quantities, is super simple!

In the past I’ve put them in the fridge while telling myself I better get on them before they go bad. But I had no immediate need and so…out they went.

My mother, another avid ice cream lover, gave me a great tip, especially when I shared my egg-rich ice cream recipes with her…

She sent me these hinge-lid reusable salad dressing containers that are freezer safe and hold exactly one egg white each. Now unused egg whites can be frozen for future use and I don’t have to try to figure out how many I have or how to divide them from a larger container if I only need one or two later.

I do advise keeping the containers upright in the freezer…at least until they’re frozen solid to avoid any leaks.

Best news of all…according to egg whites may be kept in the freezer for up to one year!