Confetti Fudge Ice Cream Recipe

Confetti Fudge Ice Cream Recipe

Confetti Fudge Ice Cream in dish

The look and flavor of this Confetti Fudge Ice Cream recipe is like a party in a scoop! The taste is total celebration!

This recipe is a taste sensation for birthday parties! The texture is creamy and the flavor would not only go great with any birthday cake…on its own, with the addition of a little bit of almond extract (which brings out a cake flavor) and fudge (duplicating a frosting), it tastes like cake and ice cream in a dish!

You can find these little confetti candies in the baking section of the grocery store with other sprinkles.

I have to admit, the first attempt flopped. You can’t add the confetti or the fudge before making the ice cream. The confetti becomes muddled in the ice cream and the fudge gives the ice cream a light chocolate tint which drowns out the colorful accents of the confetti. It looks more like crayons melting in mud.

You should add the fudge quickly or it will tend to melt into the ice cream. Pushing it straight down into the ice cream with the back of a spoon immediately after pouring the ribbons seems to work the best. And don’t rush and pour it all in, then push it down. Just a ribbon at a time. Then get it in the freezer as quickly as possible.

In this recipe, the addition of butter replaces the need for half and half.

You can also make this Confetti Fudge Ice Cream recipe without the fudge in the ice cream if you prefer…and voila! Confetti Ice Cream! Serve it with a sprinkle of confetti or nuts over the top.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You’ll find this chocolate ice cream recipe easy to make and a tasty hit!

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Served

Let’s face it…your ice cream recipe file isn’t complete without a good Chocolate Ice Cream recipe. A true homemade chocolate ice cream using 100% cocoa powder is a must-have when you need to satisfy not only a craving for ice cream but a gnawing desire for chocolate!

Oddly, when I was young, I preferred white chocolate over the standard milk chocolate. Yes, I was a minority of one in my family and community. These days however, my taste has totally flipped and I find the darker chocolates lift my spirits on ho-hum days.

This is an easy recipe using all natural ingredients for a rich, creamy chocolate ice cream with just the right sweetness.

Also, using cocoa powder also allows you to adjust the sweetness with only the amount of sugar you use. You don’t have to take added sweeteners in syrups or melted chocolate chips into consideration.

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