Banana Nut Ice Cream Recipe

Banana Nut Ice Cream Recipe

Banana nut ice cream recipe

Quick & Easy! Ready for the freezer in an hour or less!

This Banana Nut Ice Cream recipe is a fast and super simple recipe you can make early in the morning and serve in the evening.

It tastes as good as it looks! The texture is great for scooping into cones or bowls.

This recipe uses walnuts. If you would prefer to avoid nuts, try the Fresh Banana Ice Cream recipe or you may leave nuts out of this one and it will still come out just fine with great texture and flavor.

A hint of brown sugar gives this ice cream a subtle richness in taste. Try it with chocolate sauce for a chocolate banana treat!

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Confetti Fudge Ice Cream Recipe

Confetti Fudge Ice Cream Recipe

Confetti Fudge Ice Cream in dish

The look and flavor of this Confetti Fudge Ice Cream recipe is like a party in a scoop! The taste is total celebration!

This recipe is a taste sensation for birthday parties! The texture is creamy and the flavor would not only go great with any birthday cake…on its own, with the addition of a little bit of almond extract (which brings out a cake flavor) and fudge (duplicating a frosting), it tastes like cake and ice cream in a dish!

You can find these little confetti candies in the baking section of the grocery store with other sprinkles.

I have to admit, the first attempt flopped. You can’t add the confetti or the fudge before making the ice cream. The confetti becomes muddled in the ice cream and the fudge gives the ice cream a light chocolate tint which drowns out the colorful accents of the confetti. It looks more like crayons melting in mud.

You should add the fudge quickly or it will tend to melt into the ice cream. Pushing it straight down into the ice cream with the back of a spoon immediately after pouring the ribbons seems to work the best. And don’t rush and pour it all in, then push it down. Just a ribbon at a time. Then get it in the freezer as quickly as possible.

In this recipe, the addition of butter replaces the need for half and half.

You can also make this Confetti Fudge Ice Cream recipe without the fudge in the ice cream if you prefer…and voila! Confetti Ice Cream! Serve it with a sprinkle of confetti or nuts over the top.

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Peanut Butter Marshmallow Ice Cream Recipe

Peanut Butter Marshmallow Ice Cream

Have you ever dipped a big marshmallow in peanut butter? This Peanut Butter Marshmallow Ice Cream recipe is that good!

homemade peanut butter marshmallow ice cream recipeWhen I have big marshmallows and a jar of peanut butter in the house…together…I never fail to dip one of those fluffy confections into the peanut butter. I couldn’t tell you when this started but the urge has never gone away.

Making ice cream it dawned on me…combine the two in a frozen feast. And what a feast of flavor! The texture is fluffy and perfect for scooping and licking. The flavor is addictively luscious.

By the way, this ice cream was all gone before I even got the recipe published!

Mini marshmallows are recommended for this ice cream. They’re easier to mix in than large ones and speckle the ice cream just right. If you want more marshmallows don’t be shy. Since they’re added after the ice cream is made you can add as many as you like. I added one cup but next time I think I’ll make it two cups.

Crunchy peanut butter was used for this Peanut Butter Marshmallow Ice Cream recipe but it will work just as well with creamy…whichever is your favorite. And you don’t need any eggs.

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Creme De Menthe Ice Cream Recipe – Non-alcoholic

Creme de Menthe Ice Cream Recipe

Creme de Menthe…French for ‘cream mint’…and this is a wonderful way to enjoy cream mint frozen!

Creme de Menthe ice cream recipeThis Creme de Menthe Ice Cream recipe is a deliciously light, refreshing blend of mint and cream! The recipe is non-alcoholic so the wee ones can enjoy it too! For this recipe I use nonalcoholic Reese Creme de Menthe Syrup, purchased at the grocery store.

There are so many ways you can serve this…

Creme de Menthe Ice Cream recipe topped with Creme de Menthe liqueur

If you want an alcoholic treat, say for dinner guests, pour a little Creme de Menthe liqueur over it and serve with a sprig of mint. It’s a delightfully fresh after dinner dessert!

Since the ice cream is non-alcoholic, you can even serve the same dessert to the younger ones so they don’t feel left out…just use Creme de Menthe syrup in place of the the liqueur.

Or make a Grasshopper Float with homemade Creme de Menthe ice cream in it!

Mix equal parts of Creme de Menthe, Creme de Caoco, and half and half. Shake and pour into a glass.

Grasshopper Float with Creme de Menthe Ice Cream recipe
Grasshopper Float with Creme de Menthe Ice Cream

Top with small scoops of your homemade Creme de Menthe Ice Cream!

This is so tasty and as the ice cream slowly melts on top, it leaves a wonder frothy foam. For this I used a small cookie type scoop and put three small scoops into it. Just make sure you leave enough space at the top for the ice cream so it doesn’t spill over as you add it.



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Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

This Coconut Ice Cream Recipe has terrific coconut flavor!

Coconut Ice Cream Recipe ServedI just love this Coconut Ice Cream recipe for it’s wonderful coconut flavor. It contains Silk Coconut Milk and flaked coconut. Something I did notice…the milk makes the texture lighter and mixed with the coconut flakes, the ice cream may tend to crumble a bit days later, making it difficult to scoop into good firm balls. There is a fix for this…

Coconut Ice Cream ConeAfter it has frozen, let is sit out until it’s just soft enough to stir with a spoon. Mix it up completely and put it back in the freezer. After the second chill it should have perfect texture and scoop beautifully for ice cream cones! This method also makes the ice cream fluffier and easier to scoop right out of the freezer.

You can also make Coconut Snowballs by scooping it into balls and rolling them in coconut.Coconut Ice Cream Recipe in a Snowball These snowballs will hold well for days in the freezer.

Should you decide to serve Coconut Snowballs from your freezer, you can store the coconut covered balls in a freezer container until ready to serve. They will continue to hold their shape quite a while after removing from the freezer so don’t feel rushed when serving. These are terrific tropical-style desserts with a little Kahlua poured over the top.

Honestly, this recipe is one of my favorites. I love it in a good waffle cone! 

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Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Enjoy the fresh flavor of bananas frosted in cream! This Banana Ice Cream recipe uses no eggs…only bananas which give the ice cream terrific texture and flavor.Banana ice cream recipe

This Banana Ice Cream recipe is so easy and quick to make since you won’t need to cook an egg custard. You can make it in the morning and serve it that afternoon.

And the texture? Oh my, what a dense and creamy ice cream with the distinct flavor of fresh bananas. This recipe is now one of my favorites! Served in a waffle cone, the flavor of the bananas mixing with the buttery sweet cookie flavor of a good waffle cone is a heavenly match!

In preparing the bananas, I mash them with a fork since I enjoy bits of fruit in my ice cream. If you prefer a perfectly smooth Banana Ice Cream, put the bananas in a blender, liquify, then pour through a strainer to remove any remaining unwanted pieces.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You’ll find this chocolate ice cream recipe easy to make and a tasty hit!

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Served

Let’s face it…your ice cream recipe file isn’t complete without a good Chocolate Ice Cream recipe. A true homemade chocolate ice cream using 100% cocoa powder is a must-have when you need to satisfy not only a craving for ice cream but a gnawing desire for chocolate!

Oddly, when I was young, I preferred white chocolate over the standard milk chocolate. Yes, I was a minority of one in my family and community. These days however, my taste has totally flipped and I find the darker chocolates lift my spirits on ho-hum days.

This is an easy recipe using all natural ingredients for a rich, creamy chocolate ice cream with just the right sweetness.

Also, using cocoa powder also allows you to adjust the sweetness with only the amount of sugar you use. You don’t have to take added sweeteners in syrups or melted chocolate chips into consideration.

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Easy Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

This is a simple and quick vanilla ice cream recipe with a flavor and texture so creamy and smooth it rivals some of the best gourmet vanilla ice cream available.

Easy Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

It took me a few flops before this vanilla ice cream recipe was ready to share. I did find one tiny issue with it though…it’s totally addicting!

The flavor is distinctly vanilla without being overwhelming and the texture is smooth, dense and creamy.

You have the option of using scrapings from one or more vanilla beans, depending on your taste, in the custard for this vanilla ice cream recipe. If you don’t have a bean, don’t worry! But please don’t use more vanilla extract to make up for it…it isn’t necessary. It will be just as creamy rich without the added bean seeds.

If you do decide to use beans and you’re not sure how to cut and scrape it, please click here for a handy guide.

You will notice that this recipe calls for half a dozen egg yolks. Oh my, but what to do with all of those egg whites if you don’t need them right away? Here’s a solution to help you save those egg whites until you have a recipe that calls for them!

The nice thing about a great vanilla ice cream recipe is that it can become the base to so many flavorful ice creams. You can add fruit, nuts, candies and with just a little extra time have a totally new dessert.

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