Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Make Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe at Home

Strawberries and Cream! That’s exactly what this easy Strawberry Ice Cream recipe reminds me of! Using fresh, ripened strawberries gives it such great flavor.

I confess, I went straight to the ‘mashing’ with my strawberries instead of cutting them into pieces first. Doing this gave me some mighty big chunks that I later had to cut up a bit so you might want to make sure you either cut the strawberries first or throw them in a blender.

I love the ‘real’ look and taste of pieces of strawberries so I mash. As you’ll see, I’m not the neatest masher but it sure feels good…mash! mash! mash! Either way you do it — mash or blend — your Strawberry Ice Cream will be delicious!

Since there are no eggs in this recipe, the flavor of the strawberries with the cream is much more pure. The texture is wonderful too and it’s great in a cone as well as a bowl.

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