Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Need a new way to enjoy winter snow? This Vanilla Snow Ice Cream Recipe is a fun way to bring the joy of snow inside!

Snow Ice Cream recipe scoops servedWhen I was young and there was so much snow outside that we had to walk around the mountains of snow the city plowed into the center of our street…when the drifts were so high you could climb them to the rooftop, my mother would get out a pail and make this Snow Ice Cream recipe.

It’s amazingly simple and a delight to make with children, particularly on school snow days! Fun to make and tasty to eat, this Snow Ice Cream recipe is at its best served immediately so no patience needed.

This recipe does call for a double boiler when making the custard. If you don’t have one, often one pan with handles will fit into another larger pan and the handles will hold the smaller pan above the bottom of the larger pan, allowing for the necessary space between the water and the small pan.

You can add coloring or different flavors to it by substituting the vanilla extract for other flavors. If you plan to color it, add the coloring at the end, or make rainbow swirls by adding different colors just before serving.

A reminder: Never eat the yellow snow! And never use anything but clean white snow.

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